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  • Print Resources

    The BITS Law School holds one of the best collections of print resources includes thousands of books, reference books about Law, Management, History, Political Science, Sociology, Literature, and general interest readings. This section also holds comprehensive collections of case laws & journals i.e., AIR, SCC, BLR, IBR from first volume, central and state legislations in form of manuals and bare acts, digest, encyclopaedias, and dictionaries.

    This section occupies major areas of the library space, which also includes journals, magazines and newspapers resources. Print resources has significant role in academic preparation, exam preparation, and in research work.

  • Digital Resources - Licenses

    A license is one form of a contract. BITS Law school has signed the license with the publishers and get access of these digital resources. It is good practice to read the license terms of the databases as a standard license provision. Access of such digital resources are extended to the users as a BITS Law student. This access must not be passed on to others.

    • •   Hein Online
    • •   Supreme Court Cases (SCC)
    • •   Manupatra
    • •   LexisNexis
    • •   Westlaw
    • •   Harvard Business Publishing (HBP)
    • •   All India Reporter (AIR)
    • •   JSTOR
  • Digital Resources - Open Access

    Library has selected and listed here some of the open access digital resources as a ready reference portal. Open access (OA) offers free access to information and unrestricted use of electronic resources. These open access resources are managed by Creative Commons (CC) standards.

    Creative Commons licenses give everyone from individual creators to large institutions a standardized way to grant the public permission to use their creative work under copyright law. From the reuser’s perspective, the presence of a Creative Commons license on a copyrighted work answers the question, “What can I do with this work?”

    There are six different license types, listed from most to least permissive here: CC BY, CC BY-SA, CC BY-NC, CC BY-NC-SA, CC BY-ND, CC BY-NC-ND. For more information, click here - (

  • Textbooks

    This is print textbooks section. Textbooks are shelved in the main stack areas. Library acquired and salved multiple copies of basic textbooks covering initial years courses. Students can borrow these textbooks through the self-checkout system installed in the library. To find out the textbook availability and related details, you are suggested to visit library OPAC where you can search the books by title, author, keyword and more “Simple search and advance search”.

  • Reference Resources

    This is print reference section. Reference books are those materials which are used within library only. Such materials will be available at any point of time in library. Law reports, legal writings, Commentary books, Encyclopaedias, Dictionaries, Journals, Magazines, Newspaper such reference resources are for inhouse access.

  • Law Reports

    The library has a large collection of printed case law reports and legislations shelved in reference section. These can be found in the far left-hand side of the library. The similar law reports are available in digital format too. Most of the time you are likely to be locating case laws and legislations via digital databases Manupatra, SCC, LexisNexis, Westlaw and AIR. All India Reporter (AIR), Supreme Courts Cases (SCC), Bombay Law Reports these are the commonly used law reports collection of BITS Law school Library.

  • Journals & Reviews

    Library offers the access of scholarly research journals & law reviews. JSTOR and Hein online serve as the primary sources of journals besides print sources. JSTOR and Hein online contain prominent journals from around the world.

  • Magazines

    A magazine is a collection of articles on contemporary topics of popular interest and current events. Usually, these articles are written by journalists or scholars. Magazines, like journals and newspapers, are called "periodicals" because they are published at regular intervals throughout the year.

    India Today, Business Today, Business World, Outlook, The Week, The Economist, such print magazines can be found in magazine display racks.

  • Case studies

    Harvard Business Publishing offers different types of learning materials and one among its case studies. Library has access of these case studies and available through the digital resources licensed category.

  • Newspapers

    Newspaper is a rich source of every kind of information as well current news. Library subscribes the Hindu, Lokmat, Indian Express, Mint, Dainik Bhaskar, Bombay Samachar, Business Standard, Economic Times, Financial Times, Times of India. Current date newspapers are displayed in newspapers stand and back dated in holding section.

  • Subject Guides

    The library classifies the books according to subject area, examples of which include History (954), Political Science (320), Management (658), Economics (330), Indian Constitution (342), Tort (346), Criminal law (345). All books have labelled with these class numbers in form of spine labels displayed at spine of the books.

    Books on Legal Method is mainly shelved at 340.01.

    The following list represents a section of textbooks on Legal Method. Please check the catalogue records for further information and location:

    • •   Learning the Law by Glanville Williams, Pub. Thomson Reuters
    • •   Legal Method by Ian McLeod, Pub. Bloomsbury Publishing
    • •   The English Legal System by ALISDAIR GILLESPIE, Pub. Oxford University Press
    • •   Legal skills by Emily Finch, Pub. Oxford University Press
    • •   Legal reasoning and legal theory by Neil MacCormick, Pub. Oxford University Press
    • •   Franz Kafka: The Office Writings by Franz Kafka (ed. Stanley Corngold), Pub. Princeton University Press
    • •   Frontiers of Legal Theory by Richard A. Posner, Pub. Harvard University Press
    • •   Textbook on legal methods, legal system & research by Tushar kanti Saha Pub. Universal Law Publication
    • •   Legal Method by G P Tripathi Pub. Central Law Publication
  • Research support services

    With a dedicated interest, the library provides a variety of services to help you in research. Library offer services to develop research strategies, learn new sources and skills, and efficiently navigate the research process. These services include.

    Plagiarism check- To be more specific, plagiarism is using or pulling ideas, language, or any other information from someone else without properly citing or crediting the source. The hard rule is that taking credit for someone else's work is unacceptable whether you do it intentionally or by accident.

    Library offers Plagiarism Checking Service using a ‘Turnitin: anti-plagiarism’ software to its users. Turnitin is for similarity checking and plagiarism prevention web tool which allows researchers to compare their contents against the massive databases to ensure the work is original before the submission.

    Research and writings skills - library organizes time to time various programme, workshops to develop legal research and research writings skills.

    Citations system & citations tools- Citations is one on the important areas to make your writings in standards forms. There are many and specific legal citations standards i.e., Bluebook, OSCOLA, Chicago Manual of style etc. where library will provide full guidance and support how to access these resources and learn the standard formatting skills.

    Reference management tools – these are an efficient and convenient research support tools to manage a records and documents referred in your research writings. Using this tool enables you to automatically generate citations according to your preferred style and to automatically generate a bibliography for your essay. Some of the tools enable to share bibliographic information with others as well. Some of the commonly used bibliographic tools are RefWorks, EndNote, Mendeley, Zotero - Free web based software.

    Grammar checkers- These are some cross-platform cloud-based writing assistant tools that reviews spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, engagement, and delivery mistakes in real-time. They use AI to identify and search for an appropriate replacement for the mistake it locates.

  • Circulation services

    Books in the circulation category of textbooks and other similar category books can be borrowed for 10 days at a time 5. Through a self-check-in and checkout system, users avail of this service regularly.

  • Reference services

    Library maintain special section for reference materials. Library will be happy to provide any types of assistance to access this section.

  • CAS services

    In the fast-moving world of users of this information age, the best way to keep them aware with latest information in their subject areas. Current Awareness Services (CAS) is most effective and proved service. Library will keep you updated with new arrivals, latest legal and corporate news, latest judgements, and legislations.

  • SDI Services

    Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) is a type of current awareness service that provides users with information about new documents that match their interests. Libraries, information centers, and other organizations with access to many information sources typically provide SDI services. Such services are offered on demand of special research, research projects, MOOT court participation.