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Student Life

The relationships students will build as a community are as important to us as academic rigour. Our student-led clubs and societies will provide a platform for each student to hone their passions and talent while developing holistically inside and out of the classroom. As the founding cohort at the Law School, our students will have the opportunity to establish and lead various clubs and societies.

Living in Mumbai also adds to the multi-dimensional learning students will experience at BITS Law School.


Interim campus

Set in a green and expansive part of the city, our interim campus is located at Hiranandani Knowledge Park, Powai, Mumbai. It sprawls over 50,000 square feet and offers facilities such as a comprehensive library, spacious classrooms, a language lab, a designated space for moot courts, common areas, reading rooms, a café, and a wellness centre.


  • Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport - 7.5 Km
  • Bandra Railway Station - 18 Km Ghatkopar Metro Station - 5 Km

Student Residence

BITS Law School aims to provide a vibrant and enriching living experience that fosters personal growth and academic success. Our exceptional student residences are situated in close proximity to the interim campus at Hiranandani Knowledge Park, Powai; and offers an array of amenities designed to help students thrive during their time at the BITS Law School.

  • Fully furnished, air-conditioned,  shared apartment (among 2-5 students)

    Fully furnished, air-conditioned, shared apartment (among 2-5 students)

  • Individual study table, chair, and whiteboard

  • Hi-speed Wi-Fi

    Hi-speed Wi-Fi

  • Shared microwave and fridge

    Shared microwave and fridge

  • Dining – breakfast, lunch*, and dinner


  • *lunch and evening snacks will be served on-campus

Additional Student Services

  • Shuttle service to and from campus

  • 24*7 security guards and CCTV coverage

    24*7 security guards and CCTV coverage

  • Daily housekeeping

    Daily housekeeping

  • Overall, the student residences are designed to provide a comfortable, safe, and conducive living and learning environment for students. Additionally, stores for daily needs, a supermarket, and a pharmacy are within 100 meters of the residences

Common Amenities

  • Gym

    Gym area with high-quality equipment

  • Outdoor garden with sports facilities – Cricket, Volleyball, Badminton

    Outdoor garden with sports facilities – Cricket, Volleyball, Badminton

  • Mess area

    Mess area

  • Laundry


All common amenities will be shared with other residents of the apartment complex

Clubs and Societies

University life at BITS Law School is elevated by its diverse clubs and societies, offering a blend of learning and social connections. These student-led groups go beyond academics, providing a platform for holistic growth and shared interests throughout the academic year. From Professional Clubs that refine skills for future careers to Social Clubs that foster cultural enrichment and friendships, students find avenues to thrive beyond the classroom.

While the list of clubs and societies below is indicative, if students can’t find the right one for them, they can always start one of their own!

Professional Clubs and Societies
Literary and Debate Club
MUN Club
Moot Court Society
Alternative Dispute Resolution Society
Social Service Society
Law and Technology Society
Law and Entrepreneurship Society
Legal Aid Society
Entrepreneur Cell
Enactus Society
Social Clubs and Societies
Book Club
Sports Club
Quiz Club
Film Club
Theatre Club
Photography Club
Arts and Creativity Club
Crypto Club
Music Club
Poetry Club

Life in Mumbai

Mumbai is the legal, financial, and business hub of India, which means students are just one coffee chat away from a big break with a potential employer! With its close ties to the banking, finance, media, PR, sports, and entertainment industries, the city of hope will shower students with endless opportunities. It is a dynamic and cosmopolitan city, always buzzing with life, and a spirit of community, making each day memorable and filled with diverse experiences.

Future Campus

Designed by renowned architect Hafeez Contractor, our upcoming, zero-carbon footprint campus is spread over a lush 60 acres in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region and will be home to students from 2025 onwards. Our pedestrian-friendly campus will have everything one expects and more – a fully residential facility, an auditorium, a sports pavilion and club, and plazas and courtyards with eye-catching landscaping.

We believe in putting no limits to our students’ imagination. Our state-of-the-art campus with facilities such as tech-enabled libraries, centres for incubation, and research excellence centres will provide students with the infrastructural support to expand their knowledge without any constraints. The residential space is stylish and designed keeping in mind students’ comfort, making it their home away from home.