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Webinar - Law and Marketing - "Just do it!" with the Law

Webinar - Law and Marketing - "Just do it!" with the Law

21 Dec 2023

06:00 PM - 07:00 PM



This session will look at how marketing strategy integrates legal knowledge as a tool to counter competition. Legal knowledge adds an edge to an organisation’s marketing plan and helps a company mitigate its risk with respect to its competitors and establish a reliable and well-regarded brand. The webinar will allow students to appreciate the symbiotic relationship between legal knowledge and marketing expertise by bringing certain theoretical marketing concepts to life by examining a few practical real business cases from the world of management and seeing how legal considerations directly impacted insightful marketing campaigns.


  • The session will give the participants a glimpse of the pedagogy used in the classroom, where students understand not only marketing principles but also develop a keen understanding of the legal landscape which shapes and nudges marketing practices.
  • The session is designed to help students gain an insight into how a career in law and management is creative and strategic but also ethically and legally sound.
  • The lecture will reaffirm that building and sustaining a brand's trust is the cornerstone of marketing, and how an understanding and the knowledge of legal issues helps brands project an image of accountability and transparency, which in turn builds customer trust.