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Who we Are

BITS Law School offers legal knowledge, practical training, and holistic education to build leaders who will be passionate to create a more fair, just, and inclusive society. Towards this goal, we embrace all learners who bring the right ethos, a penchant for learning the law, and who share our belief in bending the arc of the moral universe towards justice. Our progressive, interdisciplinary, and technology-led approach will help students learn to know the law, learn to practice law, learn to live with law, and learn to empower through law.

BITS Law School is approved by the Bar Council of India (BCI).

Who we are

Dean's Welcome Message

Ashish Bharadwaj

The nature of law is that it is constantly evolving, constantly guiding human behaviour, and constantly adapting to the needs of society. Yet, legal education in India ‒ to an end and the end in itself ‒ has not evolved much over the past few decades. It is time to make amends and BITS Law School is determined to lead the change. Our model of interdisciplinary legal education is based on the evolving role of technology in society, the plurality of thoughts, diversity of ideas, and internationalisation of knowledge. We stand on the shoulders of giants as we take the glorious legacy of BITS Pilani forward with its strong network of 1.8 lakh alumni. Now, after more than a century of lawyers crafting the freedom struggle and the story of India, it is time to build a new generation of lawyers who can dare to dream big and lead India into the future.

Our Vision and Mission

  • Vision

    To become an inspirational benchmark for new-age, multidisciplinary legal education & research in India through creativity and empathy

  • Our Vision
  • Mission
  • Mission

    • Develop responsible and resilient law professionals who will creatively solve problems of local, national, and global importance
    • Instill a sense of appreciation of the constitutional principles in order to uphold notions of fairness and justice
    • Contribute to the dynamic legal system, policymaking, and regulatory system through research, dialogue, and capacity building
    • Build technology-savvy and ethical future leaders who will contribute to the evolving legal-policy discourse in India

Our Values

  • Integrity


    Our integrity gives moral support to the work we do by emphasising honesty in our behaviour and being transparent in our actions

  • Transparency


    To promote academic freedom for the advancement of knowledge and scholarship for holistic development of minds

  • Socially Conscious

    Social Consciousness

    An unwavering commitment towards our internal stakeholders and the society for equity, diversity, inclusivity, and plurality

  • Excellence


    Relentless pursuit of excellence in all aspects of our work to realise the high expectations we hold for and from ourselves

  • Inclusivity


    High standards of accountability for our decisions and actions that are efficient, ethical, and transparent


The Eagle

The Eagle is a symbol of courage and independence, and holds deep significance for BITS Law School. In our context, the Eagle's soaring presence embodies the vision and ability to see the big picture while at the same time paying attention to detail, to remain objective and uninfluenced, pursue excellence, and above all, to provide leadership. Just as the Eagle commands its domain, our students are equipped to navigate the complex legal landscape with confidence and determination, to champion justice and become beacons of change.

The Rising Sun

The rising sun, above everything else, spreads its light far and wide. It is widely known as a symbol of knowledge. It is unending and infinite, as well as cyclical, and symbolic of new beginnings.